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Kenneth Zoline, CISSP
Consulting in Information Security
and Networking

My Client Services

Information Security Consulting

  • Security Policy Creation and Maintenance
    development and improvement of managerial policy documents, standards and guidelines for information security and acceptable usage

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning
    automated identification and reporting of network-exploitable security weaknesses with detailed information on how to fix each identified vulnerability

  • Risk Assessment
    analysis of information assets, threat sources, vulnerabilities, threat likelihood and impact that answers the following risk-related questions:
    1. Which information assets are most likely to be harmed by plausible threat sources and vulnerabilities?
    2. For each identified risk, what are the magnitude and likelihood of the loss occurrence?
    3. How should risks be handled in order to reduce their loss impact to an acceptable level?
    4. How much residual risk will remain after implementing a risk mitigation control?

  • Risk Management
    development of a policy-based program with processes and tools for (1) categorizing information assets and defining their protection requirements, and (2) identifying, controlling and mitigating information security risks on an ongoing basis

  • Security Plan Development and Review
    development and review of security plans that addresses access control, auditing, authentication, authorization, availability, confidentiality, incident handling, integrity, security administration and security awareness

  • Application Security Compliance
    specification and review of physical, technical and administrative security controls needed to comply with internal security policies, merchant banking requirements (e.g., MasterCard) and governmental regulations (e.g., HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley)

  • Firewall Planning and Review
    assessment of needed product technology and its configuration, including access controls, connectivity, network address translation rules and routing

  • Secure Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
    gap analysis of information security needs and provisions with the development of policy, standards and controls to resolve identified issues

  • Business Continuity Planning and Review
    creation and review of documented plans to recover from any form of business threatening disaster, including the following:
    • business impact analysis to determine the financial exposures and operational impacts resulting from a major disruption to business services and/or facilities
    • evaluation and pragmatic selection of disaster recovery strategies and service providers
    • development, testing, and evaluation of recovery plans (including service provider performance)
    • development and evaluation of business continuity training and awareness programs
    • development and evaluation of processes to maintain the plan's vitality in perpetuity

  • Security Product Technology Consulting
    life-cycle consultation for emerging security product technology, including anti-spyware and anti-virus products, data encryption, identity management, intrusion detection and prevention, network admission control, network vulnerability scanners, personal firewalls, single sign-on, spam filtering and virtual private networking
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Network Consulting

  • Network Planning
    creation of needed requirements, budgets, and project plans for building a network

  • Network Application Planning
    requirements definition for creating network-fit applications and application-ready networks

  • Network Design and Implementation
    building networks and portals that will connect businesses, users and applications to needed information resources and services - any time and any where

  • Network Integration and Optimization
    modifying networks to improve their performance and capability, and decrease their operating cost and support complexity

  • Network Management Consulting
    management consultation to review, define, and improve network service delivery and support

  • Network Documentation
    creation of maintainable network documentation for ongoing network support use and future network planning - we specialize in the use of NetViz

  • Network Reviews
    assessment of a how a network has been (or will be) deployed
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Infrastructure Consulting

  • Cable System Planning and Buildout
    consultation and project management for the planning, design, and implementation of new premise cabling systems or the refurbishment of existing ones

  • Communication Closet Planning and Buildout
    consultation for designing, implementing, or refurbishing communication closet space

  • Computer (Server) Room Planning and Buildout
    consultation for designing, implementing, or refurbishing server room space
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Architecture Consulting

  • Architectural Process Formation and Improvement
    consultation for the development and improvement of architecture-centric work processes and their integration into an organization's I/T life-cycle process set

  • Network Architecture Development
    creation, maintenance, and integration of a formal network architecture comprising blueprints, standards, design/implementation guidelines, and product technology migration plans

  • Security Architecture Development
    creation, maintenance, and integration of a formal security architecture comprising blueprints, standards, design/implementation guidelines, and product technology migration plans
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Management Consulting

  • Executive Briefings and Staff Development Seminars
    on topics related to networking, security and information technology

  • Needs Assessments and Feasibility Studies
    for networking-related information technology initiatives

  • Project Planning and Management
    for network deployment, migration, and relocation projects

  • RFP Formation and Response Analysis
    for products and services related to networking and security

  • Strategic and Tactical Information Technology Planning
    for organizational units that are network users or network service providers

  • KOZ At Your Service
    individualized management consulting for executives and managers
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